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This symbol is equivalent to having a five star rating. DJs are verified, validated, and honored with this symbol on their profile to prove the DJ has been successfully vetted and approved with Bacpak's True Rate system. DJs with less than five stars can not be listed within the Bacpak app.

Bacpak DJs are ranked based upon our 4 tier achievement system called "True Rate". DJs must meet and achieve specific requirement to be listed within the tiers listed below.

* = Required achievement for the tier

Tier 1: Silver 🕺 = $75/hr ($150 Minimum)

GREAT FOR: Small Events - BBQ • House Parties • Workout Class • etc

1 to 5 years of paid DJ experience + 5/17 achievements 

Overwrite years requirement with 8 Achievements 

*Master of Mixing (Understanding of BPM, bar counts, and dropping)

*Map Genius (Can identify the 5 sections/2 alt sections of a song. Can predetermine bar build)

*Owner (Access to 2 turntable/1mixer, OR a Controller, OR 2 CDJs + 2 Big Room Speakers)

  Quality Control (Filters set up priority and displays punctuality etiquette)

  On Point (Quickly identifies Mix Points along the map of a song)

  Snare God (Blends Kicks and Snares seamlessly on a 1)

  BPM Wize (Knows the BPM of a song without equipment within 1 Bar)

  Great Listener (Can predict a 50% or more song map within first three sections)

  Major/Minor (Performs major and minor adjustments on vinyl turntables, CDJs and controllers)

  Hero 1 (Has booked 3 gigs with bacpak)

  Vinyl (Can play an all vinyl set on turntables for 30 minutes by ear without a sound wave)

  Digital (Can play an all Digital set on a controller for 30 minutes by ear without a sound wave)

  Kid Verified (Under go bacpak background screening for events labeled for children)

  Bilingual (Fluent in 2 bacpak supported languages)

  Trilingual (Fluent in 3 bacpak supported languages)

  Performer 1 (1 x Video documented standing ovation performances) 

  Big Life (Has access to enough sound and lighting suited for 100 person  dance floors)

Tier 2: Gold 💃 = $125/hr ($250 Minimum)

GREAT FOR: Medium Events - Fraternity • Roof Top • Hotel • etc

6 to 10 years of paid DJ experience + 16/51 achievements (Including prior tier)

Overwrite years requirement with 18 Achievements  (Including prior tier)

*Controller (Able to use any controller at any time without prep)

*Opener (Understand the dynamics and programming of a dance floor at 9pm)

*Closer (Understand the dynamics and programming of a dance floor at 2am)

*Lounge (Understand the dynamics and programming of a hotel, roof top, or Lounge)

*Trooper (Able to perform non stop for 5 hour shifts)

*Hero 2 (Has booked 10 gigs with bacpak)

  Hero 3 (Has booked 25 gigs with bacpak)

  Scratching 1 (Proficient at "Baby Scratches and Stabs") (1/4, 1/8, 1/16)

  Scratching 2 (Proficient at Chirps, Scribbles, and Release") (1/4, 1/8, 1/16)

  Scratching 3 (Proficient at Transformers, Crabs, Flares") (1/4, 1/8, 1/16)

  Juggler (Proficient at beat juggling without reverse scratch 90% of juggle)

  Swapper (Can swap out equipment seamlessly without silence in the 60 seconds or less)

  FX Fun (Can actively use Roll, Slicer, Echo, Loop within songs BPM seamlessly)

  Weddings (Meets all of bacpak's Wedding requirements (Listed below))

  Combo Mixer (Seamlessly go from digital to vinyl for 30 minutes by ear without a sound wave)

  Social 1 (Must have a social media follower of 2k)

  Social 2 (Must have a social media follower of 5k)

  Social 3 (Must have a social media follower of 8k)

  Performer 2 (3 x Video documented standing ovations performances) 

  Great Reviews 1 (Receive 2 x Positive review sent to bacpak from a customer)

  Diverse 1 (Has a music library that exceeds 4TB)

  RnB Master (Can perform a 4 hour RnB set non stop)

  Hip Hop Don (Can perform a 4 hour Hip Hop or Trap set non stop)

  Spanish Titan (Can perform a 4 hour Spanish set non stop)

  Farsi Farsi (Can perform a 4 hour Farsi set non stop)

  K-Pop Killer (Can perform a 4 hour Korean Pop set non stop)

  EDM Bird (Can perform a 4 hour EMD set non stop, any sub genre)

  Deep Chill (Can perform a 4 hour Deep House set non stop)

  Who's House (Can perform a 4 hour House set non stop, any sub genre)

  Old Skool King (Can perform a 4 hour Old Skool set non stop) 

  Slow Jam Knight (Can perform a 4 hour Slow Jam set non stop)

  Classic Man (Can perform a 4 hour 80's/90's Hip Hop set non stop)

  Drum & Basser (Can perform a 4 hour Drum & Bass set non stop, any sub genre)

  Jungle Fungle (Can perform a 4 hour Jungle set non stop, any sub genre)

Tier 3: Platinum 🎉 = $225/hr ($450 Minimum)

GREAT FOR: Large Events - Quinceaneras • Bar/Bat Mitzvah • etc

11 to17 years of paid DJ experience + 26/64 achievements (Including prior tier)

Overwrite years requirement with 28 Achievements (Including prior tier)

*Techie (Understands use case of every button and knob on modern controllers)

*Turntable (Able to use any turntable at any time without prep)

*Combo Explosion (Able to use any controller or Turntable at any time without prep)

  USB (Able to perform on a CDJ solely with a USB, no computer)

  Hero 4 (Has booked 40 gigs with bacpak)

  Hero 5 (Has booked 80 gigs with bacpak)

  Primtime (Understand the dynamics and programming of a dance floor at 12am)

  Social 4 (Must have a social media follower of 10k)

  Social 5 (Must have a social media follower of 15k)

  Performer 3 (6 x Video documented standing ovations performances)

  Great Reviews 2 (Receive 6 x Positive review sent to bacpak from a customer)

  Great Reviews 3 (Receive 12 x Positive reviews sent to bacpak from a customer) 

  Diverse 2 (Has a music library that exceeds 8TB) 

  Hero 6 (Has booked 110 gigs with bacpak)

  Social 6 (Must have a social media follower of 20k+)

  Performer 4 (10 x Video documented standing ovations performances)

  Great Reviews 4 (Receive 18 x Positive reviews sent to bacpak from a customer)

  Diverse 3 (Has a music library that exceeds 10TB) 

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